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SCORE!’s May 29th, 2023 Community Advisory-Action Board Meeting

Meeting Summary

On Monday May 29th, 2023, SCORE! held its latest Community Advisory-Action Board (CAB) meeting at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

This meeting brought together community members, partners, and SCORE! team members to foster dialogue and gather community perspectives. Conducted in a ‘gallery walk’ style, CAB members visited different stations to discuss and provide their input on curriculum development, the SCORE! Systems Map, and Healthy Active Living policy. In addition, members provided feedback on the SCORE! project’s progress to date, which includes the household survey, photovoice study, and intervention piloting. The CAB members also participated in an interactive gardening activity designed by Green Venture, in which they planted seedlings in pots to take home.

Information Box Group

Introductory remarks being made to the Community Advisory-Action Board to kick off the meeting.

Green Venture’s Interactive Gardening Activity at the CAB meeting.