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SCORE!’s End-of-Phase 1 Meeting

Meeting Summary

On March 4th, 2024, SCORE! held its End-of-Phase 1 meeting at Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek Campus.

Over the past two years, SCORE! has completed its first phase—‘Design.’ The team has actively engaged with the Riverdale community to understand their needs and explore potential solutions to the barriers faced. On March 4th, the SCORE! team shared significant milestones, key insights regarding family priorities, barriers, and successful strategies from the past, as well as lessons learned from co-design and the pilot testing of proposed solutions.

Moreover, the team introduced the SCORE! intervention, crafted based on Phase 1 findings, which will be implemented in Phase 2. The team used this meeting as an opportunity to facilitate knowledge exchange and gather feedback on the proposed intervention to inform our next steps for Phase 2.

The SCORE! team is so excited to transition into Phase 2 of the project. 

Information Box Group

Dr. Sonia Anand presenting findings from the Riverdale community. 

Dr. Gita Wahi sharing insights from co-design and intervention pilot testing.