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SCORE!’s December 12th Community Advisory-Action Board Meeting

Meeting Summary

On December 12th 2023, SCORE! held its latest Community Advisory-Action Board (CAB) meeting at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

At the meeting, CAB members discussed reasons for attending weekly SCORE! programming, the importance of team diversity, and ideas on how to include discluded groups and motivate non-attendees. Through discussion, the SCORE! team assessed the CAB’s desire to improve their food literacy. Members expressed their desire to better understand food labels, learn more about safe food storage and budgeting, as well as their interest in taking tours of local grocery stores.

The children and youth CAB discussed the differences between nutritious and non-nutritious foods. They also shared their favourite foods, culinary adventures, and thoughts on shopping for food. The youth then formed two teams to devise 5 clarifying questions that would help them determine the nutritional completeness of the ‘SCORE! Burger’—a fictional burger invented by the SCORE! team—and then engaged in a structured debate.

The SCORE! team is looking forward to applying the knowledge and feedback that was shared in this meeting to develop future activities and events. 

Information Box Group

The children and youth CAB participating in a debate to determine the nutritional completeness of the ‘SCORE! Burger!’ 

The CAB sharing their input on the importance of food literacy.