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SCORE! Community Advisory-Action Boards (CAB)


To date, SCORE! has hosted two Community Advisory-Action Board meetings. The purpose of these Community Advisory-Action Boards (CAB) is to learn from and integrate expertise and experiences from members to guide research activities within the SCORE! program. The main tasks will include supporting the operationalization of the research protocol and providing feedback on intervention design and pilot-testing. The CAB convenes once every 3-4 months to collaborate on research guidance activities.

The SCORE! Community Advisory-Action Board (CAB) consists of representatives who are living and/or working in Riverdale:

  • Community Partners: organizational leaders who work with families living in Riverdale

  • Community Voices: newcomer families currently living in Riverdale

We will iteratively work with community partners to invite families to join the SCORE! CAB. Our hope is to invite diverse families across ethnicity, culture, language, and households (e.g., type, different ages of children and youth, etc.).

View SCORE!’s November CAB Report.

September 6, 2022

September 6th, 2022: A roundtable discussion at the first CAB meeting.

This meeting was happily joined by Chad Collins to share the funding announcement from the Public Health Agency of Canada in support of this project initiative.

November 24, 2022

Child roundtable discussions conducted at the November meeting. Children were creating family trees with art supplies.

Youth roundtable discussions conducted at the November meeting. Youth spent time discussing the Riverdale community.

Adult roundtable discussions conducted at the November meeting. Adults engaged in table discussions about the community.