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Current Resources

Although we hope to expand this list of resources as we develop the Food Charter, here are some of the on-campus resources for you to access if you are experiencing food insecurity, interested in getting involved with current food initiatives, or interested in learning more about food and its many impacts.

Information Box Group

McMaster Community Fridge McMaster Community Fridge Instagram

McMaster Community Fridge is an outdoor food resource accessible to the public 24/7. It includes a freezer, fridge, and pantry. It can be found in front of Mills Library, facing Parking Lot B. Its motto is “take what you need, leave what you can.” A full donation guide is viewable on the McMaster Community Fridge Instagram profile. A representative from the fridge’s volunteer coordinator team is helping to advise on the Food Charter’s development.

MSU Food Collective Centre Summary of FCC Programs

The Food Collective Centre (FCC) is a student-run, on-campus food bank and food security resource. They offer a confidential food support program called Lockers of Love, a fresh produce program called Good Food Box, and a cooking workshop program called Community Kitchen Cook-Alongs. The FCC also does advocacy and education work surrounding food access and food security. An executive from the FCC is helping to advise on the Food Charter’s development.

OPIRG-McMaster Community Garden Mission Statement and More Information

The OPIRG-McMaster Community Garden is located within the previous McMaster Teaching and Learning Community Garden beside GSB. They are committed to reducing barriers to access of healthy food for members of the McMaster community and to providing a space for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of gardening. A representative from the OPIRG-McMaster Community Garden team is helping to advise on the Food Charter’s development.

Student Wellness Centre SWC Food and Nutrition Resources

The Student Wellness Centre (SWC) offers a wide range of student services and resources to McMaster students, including food and nutrition support. They offer regular cooking classes and workshops, and extensive nutrition information and tips can be found on their webpage. The SWC is one of the key partners putting together the Food Charter, alongside the McMaster Okanagan Committee.

Hospitality Services Information about Nutrition and Dietary Restrictions

McMaster Hospitality Services is committed to making food accessible to students, staff, and visitors on campus. They offer meal plans, operate restaurants and cafeterias on campus, and offer resources related to allergies, dietary restrictions, and nutrition generally. Hospitality Services is one of the key partners putting together the Food Charter, alongside the McMaster Okanagan Committee.

McMaster Sustainability Strategy View the Sustainability Strategy Report

McMaster recently released its first university-wide Sustainability Strategy, which was developed based on community input. The McMaster Campus Food Charter is partly inspired by the priorities expressed in the Sustainability Strategy. Food and food sovereignty are relevant to several of the key drivers identified by the Sustainability Strategy. The plan provides strategic direction related to sustainability through 2026 and beyond.