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Prioritizing Optimal Health & Well-being at McMaster

Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey

McMaster University is pleased to announce that it will be administering the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey, a new university student well-being survey that has been designed specifically for Canadian post-secondary students.

In March 2020 you may receive an invitation from the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey Team. This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. By participating you will help McMaster to more accurately gauge the health and well-being of the student population which will potentially drive future programming and policies.


When McMaster University started planning to administer the CCWS to McMaster’s undergraduate and graduate student population it was months before COVID-19 or coronavirus became part of our day to day lives. We are aware that the results of this survey will be highly influenced by our current state of social distancing and will likely not reflect the accurate gauge on McMaster’s health and well-being that we were originally hoping for. However, we feel that the results of the survey may still have merit and help McMaster understand the impact that major changes such as those that we are currently experiencing have on our students. We still encourage McMaster’s students to participate and we will post updates on this website with information about the survey and it’s outcomes as they come available.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact Lynn Armstrong at or the CCWS team at 


The CCWS administration at McMaster is approved by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (#9472)